We’re Florida’s best online resource for notaries.

AskANotary is precisely what our slogan says - Notaries Helping Notaries.

Throughout our many years in this industry, we’ve seen all kinds of situations, from minor errors that result in lost clients to serious blunders that result in convictions and financial liability.

Most unpleasant situations arise from common, honest mistakes or not having the right tools. At the very least, these situations make you work harder to perform your duties to your clients’ satisfaction. More often than not, they prevent you from establishing a solid client base and growing your business.

AskANotary was founded to bring accurate information and practical tools to new notaries who want to improve and grow their service. Our mission is to help notaries get the best ratings possible so they can easily secure new and repeat clients.

It’s impossible to predict every challenge, so we do more than provide static resources. Bring your questions and difficult situations to AskANotary, and an experienced, qualified Florida notary will help you get the answers, information, and tools you need.

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